Frequently Asked Finance Questions

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Frequently Asked Finance Questions


How much deposit will I need for a car finance agreement?

Your deposit will be determined based on the finance package you select. At times our guests will opt for very little to nothing down. It all depends on your budget and needs.


What interest rate will I be charged?

Interest rates are based on multiple factors. Some of these factors include credit history, down payment, term of the loan, vehicle collateral, year, mileage and environmental variables. Our department has the benefit of being able to shop multiple lenders including Ford Motor Credit. In some cases, your interest rate could be as low as 0%.


What should I do if I need to complain about my financed car or the lender providing me with credit?

This situation should never happen, but usually a complaint leads back to miscommunication. In that case, we want to know about it and will do anything possible to resolve this. Fortunately we hand pick our lenders and have excellent relationships built with them.


Can I reduce my monthly payments?

Yes! There are instances where you can actually reduce your monthly payments. With historic high trade values, this happens now more than ever. We have the capability of providing you with many options relating to the finance program you select, money down, term, etc.


Can I cancel my agreement?

Similar to a Mortgage or most any other loan agreement, Finance agreements can not be cancelled. However, our lenders don't have pre-payment penalties, so you are able to pay off or refinance if you'd like.


Can I settle the agreement early?

Yes, you can settle or pay off an agreement early.


Can I sell the car?

Yes, in all cases- you can sell your car.


Can I add a service and maintenance package?

Yes, our vehicles are either New, Certified Pre-Owned, or Dealer inspected pre-owned vehicles. All of these qualify for varying levels of coverage and maintenance plans.


I have a low credit score; can I still get my car financed?

At Stumpf Ford, we understand not everyone has perfect credit. We also understand that there are good people out there that have just had bad things happen to them or their loved ones. In almost all cases, we can get loans approved for customers with low credit scores.


I have recently bought a car on finance. However, since then, I need a different car. What should I do?

This happens all the time. In 2012 Wisconsin changed it's laws on who holds vehicle titles. Now the lienholder or financial institution is responsible for holding titles. This can become difficult when you are trying to figure out how to pay off your current loan and wait to get the title. Fortunately, at Stumpf Ford, our Business Managers are able to do all the leg work for you. You don't have to pay off and wait. We will do it for you so you can get your new vehicle now, instead of waiting weeks.

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